Never Lose Track of your Scooter

Never Lose Track of your Scooter

...And even if you lose it, make sure others do not get it

We have seen how shared micromobility services have overtaken cities and urban spaces both in a good and sometimes not so civil way. Shared Services from Bird, Lime, JUMP etc. hoping to follow in the footsteps of sharing on-demand giants Uber, Grab, Lyft etc. deployed millions of dockless shared e-scooters and e-bikes onto the streets of major cities around the world.

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One common feature all these shared on demand e-scooter or ebike service possessed was the ability to track and control the device remotely via a GPS and IoT platform. This platform forms the basis of a sharing service. 

Heres how a typical sharing device works:

Scan a QR code with your app, turn on the device, and GO.

3 Simple steps. We thought it would be a good idea to take that security concept into the space of the regular scooter rider who will have more at stake given that their scooter may be worth significantly more than the shared scooter. 

Using Shared Scooter Technology

Presenting the ZEROTRK. A GPS and IoT device that allows you to ZERO in on your e-scooter and track it remotely. 

We have taken many features from the shared scooters and implemented into the ZEROTRK device. Features that further enhance the security of your scooter includes:

  1. Real time remote tracking with adjustable GPS interval
  2. Remote on/off of your scooter
  3. Geofencing function to alert user if device is out of bounds
  4. Push notifications for geofencing, vibration alarm, overspeed alarm
  5. Playback function to see where your scooter has been
  6. Low battery alarm
  7. Anti-tampering alarm if GPS wire is cut or disconnected

This GPS IoT device is probably the most connected and secure anti-theft measure you can find in the market today. 

Why can't I just use a good solid lock instead?

The ZEROTRK isn't a replacement for a good ol' solid bike lock. It complements it 'cos your scooter can still be carried away even if it cannot be rode away. But fret not, you can still track the scooter while it is being carried away.

There isn't a foolproof security system but a good lock together with ZEROTRK is as secure as it gets when it comes to bike or scooter security. 

What if the GPS device is removed by thieves?

In a situation where the GPS line is cut or removed, the thief will not be able to use the bike/scooter even if he cuts off the GPS line. An alert will be sent to your smartphone app when your device is being tampered with. 

In the most likely scenario, the relentless thief will transport the device to a secure location to try to dissemble the device to scrap for parts or to activate it.

The GPS playback function will be able to track the positioning right up to the point of disassembly and alert the user the time stamp of when the device was first stolen via the vibration alarm or the cut wire alarm. 

What if it runs out of battery?

In normal operating conditions, the ZEROTRK runs on the battery of the escooter or ebike. Charging the main battery is sufficient to keep the GPS device running for an indefinite amount of time without the need to charge the ZEROTRK device.

When scooter or bike battery dies, ZEROTRK has an internal backup battery that can feed GPS data and communicate with your ZEROTRK app for up to 4 hours. Beyond that window, the GPS device shuts down and you lose all comms with both your GPS unit and your scooter/bike.

As a last measure before blacking out, the ZEROTRK device will trigger a low battery alert to the app to inform the user of the scooter/bike and its low battery status. 

Best Case Scenario

Security systems are a form of insurance. You hate to pay for it, but you are sure glad to have it when something bad happens. In a normal scenario, you will use your ZEROTRK enabled scooter, take the usual precautionary measures to secure your scooter with a lock like any normal situation but rest assured that your bike or scooter is safe even if your lock is cut.

Check out how this device works:

Treat the ZEROTRK device as your secondary stealth security system not as a primary security. 

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