Electric scooters at the Trump Kim Summit

Electric scooters at the Trump Kim Summit

The whole world watched as Donald Trump and Kim Jun Eun converged in sunny Singapore for the 'Trump Kim Summit' on 12 June 2018.

Many believe this meeting will make a difference in relieving tensions between at least two countries that possess nuclear weapons.

We are as excited and hopeful as everybody else and even got to contribute a little bit to this historical meeting.

FalconPEV is privileged to have been chosen to supply electric scooters for the security operations on Sentosa Island, where the meeting will take place.

It makes sense. While the island can be more easily isolated for security reasons, it is still a large area to cover. So electric mobility will make it easier for security personnel to get from point A to B with more speed and less sweat to get their stuff done.

electric scooter inokim falconpev singapore

We prepared scores of our most trusted electric scooters, making sure they were working well and fully charged.

If you are wondering which escooter models we trusted enough to supply to the security services for their important work, they were:

The friendly liaison from the security services picked them up swiftly the day before the summit and there was a sense of satisfaction as we watched our scooters being trucked away to an important event.

electric scooter e-twow etwow singapore lightweight scooter falcon pev

Over the course of the summit on 12 June 2018, our team had fun trying (unsuccessfully) to spot our scooters in the background of any emerging photos or footage in news reports covering the summit. 

It pains us that the impressive looking bodyguards of the North Korean leader chose to jog in this humid weather flanking his car when they could have easily kept up with him on our reliable scooters (even though the scooter maximum speeds were capped at 25km/h).

A couple of days later, after a flurry of news reports and photographs of the two world leaders together, our scooters were dutifully returned to our building by security personnel, with the same efficiency as when they were picked up.

We were pleased when the scooters were all returned in good condition save for a single flat tyre and one broken thumb throttle, nothing serious. We patted each one on the deck for a job well done (some had boot marks but we didn't mind).

While our secret fantasy of seeing Trump and Kim riding off together on our escooters into the sunset was not realised, we are happy to know the important summit went on without any security concerns. We hope our electric scooters had played a little tiny part in that.

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