E-TWOW pre-launches in Singapore

E-TWOW pre-launches in Singapore

E-TWOW pre-launches in Singapore

Launch of the Lightweight ETWOW

The E-TWOW (pronounced “E-2”) is the lightest weight e-scooter in the market. Weighing in at just under 10kg, it is a very feasible option for last-mile commuting. What it lacks in power, torque and ride comfort, it makes up for it in terms of portability. The 8-inch tubeless tires give the rider some good speed in manual kicking mode. We did a 5km pavement test just manually kicking alongside our Xtoor buddies and the E-TWOW was shoulder-to-shoulder with them. When traversing on flat pavement, this e-scooter performs very well. Of course, you always have the option of turning on the electric mode with a top cruising speed of 22km/h, and the xtoor kickers will have a hard time keeping up. Though not for thrill-riders or speedsters, the E-TWOW is a true urban commuting vehicle.

The trade off on its lightweight-ness is that it does not pack a whole lot of battery capacity or have the power or torque to traverse slopes as fast as the other e-scooters out there. When tested on 10 degree slopes, the E-TWOW slows to a crawl where walking could possibly be faster. Battery capacity is at this moment untested although manufacturer’s specs say it has a max range of 22km.

The E-TWOW is now available for preorders at http://www.sgelectricscooters.com.


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