5 Reasons Ladies are Ditching Heels for Wheels

5 Reasons Ladies are Ditching Heels for Wheels

Why Women are Taking Up the E-Scooter Challenge

Scoot over boys, the ladies are finally stepping in to the PMD scene!

And here’s why:

1. Grocery Shopping just got FUN – Basket on, load off!

Walking to the nearest supermarket to pick up ingredients for dinner can be kind of a dread. But you know you’ve already been surviving on order-ins and takeaways for the past 3 days and it isn’t doing any favours to your health (or waistline). What better solution than a portable transport that doesn’t leave you sweating by the end of your grocery shopping trip.
Similar to bicycles, electric scooters can be paired with an endless combination of accessories. With a simple basket mounted on, you no longer need to dread carrying that 5kg packet of rice all the way home. There are even click-on shopping baskets available like this one from Klickfix which you can easily remove and carry with you. The Earth will also thank you for saying no to plastic bags and reducing waste.

2. Last Minute Errand? NO PROBLEM!

Most women today have to juggle between caring for their family’s daily needs and bringing in their share of butter. This often leaves our calendars packed to the brim and when unexpected last minute tasks pop up (which seem to be often), a zippy scooter can really come into handy. Many a times I’ve found myself riding to the store to pick up a missing dinner ingredient or even toilet paper that suddenly ran out.

3. Outdoor Bonding without the Panting – Let’s Scoot Somewhere Quiet

Refresh your exhausted list of dating ideas! From exploring parks and food hunting to enjoying the city’s beautiful night view, hopping from one place to another can be alot more enjoyable and less tiring on wheels. Want someplace quieter? Try the CBD area after 10pm when everyone’s off work and home. The streets will be pretty much be yours and his to wander.

4. Keeping Up to Speed

Kids, a tiny ball of energy that you chase around the entire day, hoping that he/she gets exhausted before you do. They are growing up fast and you just got them their first kick scooter or bicycle that they have been asking for since last Christmas. Then regretting almost instantly when you realise that you have just switched them into turbo mode and they are suddenly a lot faster and harder to keep up with. Not to worry, there’s hope. Rest those tired legs and let the scooter’s motor do its job. Just make sure you don’t get overly excited and leave your kid too far back on his manual scooter.

What’s more, if your child’s school is not too far away, you can consider taking him/her to there on it! Convenient for you and something fun for your little one to look forward to early in the morning.

5. Letting your True Colours Show

Similar to owning a car, what e-scooter you pick and how you choose to pimp your ride is a great way to express your personality and creativity. Think of it as not only a vehicle but also a fashion statement. Are you minimalistic and sleek like a ZERO 2.0? Or do prefer an eye-catching bright splash of colour? There are so many different models and customisations available for you to make it truly your PERSONAL transport. You can even change things up after with a full-body decal.

Pumped up and ready to get your own personal mobility device?

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