ZERO GX-16 Charging Port and Cover

$9.00 SGD

ZERO Charging Port GX-16 Charging Port

ZERO 8, 9, 10, 8X, 10X, 11X GX16 Charging Port and GX16 charging port cover.

Model GX-16 with 3 pinouts. Only Pin 1 and 3 are used, Pin 2 is N/C. Pin 1 is positive terminal (red) and Pin 3 is ground terminal (black).

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Do note that this GX-16 charging port can only handle up to 8A of charging current. Do not attempt to use a fast charger of more than 6A to charge through this charging port. If you need a higher current charging port, do consider this 20A port

Add on our 3D printed screw on charging port covers. 

Here is a short video on how to remove the old charging port and replace with a new charging port:


*Pls note: Do not use the charging port with the metal caps. They will cause short circuits and your charging ports to spark!