ZERO Scooter Carry Handle

$36.00 SGD

Carry Handle for ZERO 8, 9 and 10 electric scooter

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zero 8 carry handle

ZERO 8, 9 and 10 Carry Handle or foot step for easy carrying of scooter up and down a flight of stairs.

This handle is only accessible when the scooter is unfolded and is securely installed onto the scooter so that it doubles up as a foot rest while in a riding position. 

Installation is easy and takes 5 mins. 

The ZERO 8 and 9 have similar carry handles (like in the pic above) while the ZERO 10 has a stainless steel carry handle which can fit on the ZERO 9 too. 

Please watch tutorial here on how to install the ZERO 8 Carry Handle:


Here is how to install the ZERO 9 / 10 carry handle: