ZERO 11X 11 inch 72V Motor

ZERO 11X 11 inch 72V Motor

$250.00 SGD

11 inch motor 72V 1600W Motor for ZERO 11X

Replacement 11 inch 72V 1600W motor for ZERO 11X. This motor is a single phase wire motor with NO hall sensor wires so it will only work with controllers that do not require hall sensor wires.

Does not work with controllers that require hall sensors. 

Prices does not include tyre and tube.

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Here is how to configure your motor for installation:



  • Compatible with 60V-72V drive systems
  • Weight: 5.6kg
  • Powerful torque for slope climbing up to 25 deg incline
  • 60mm magnet length
  • 15 magnet pair poles (30 magnets)
  • Max RPM 3600
  • Single phase motor with no hall sensors i.e. 3 motor phase cables
  • Fits 11 x 3 Road/Off-Road Tires/Tubeless Tires
  • Motor Wire 1.2m
  • Tire and Tube purchased separately