ZERO 10X 60V 21Ah Samsung Battery

ZERO 10X 60V 21Ah Samsung Battery

$1,099.00 SGD

ZERO 60V 21Ah Battery 

Stock 60V 21Ah 50A discharge Internal battery used on the ZERO 10X 60V system. Can be paired with an external 60V 21Ah or 28Ah external battery.  

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  1. 60V 21Ah internal battery LG MJ1 3500mAh or Samsung cells
  2. BMS max discharge of 50A
  3. 2 charging ports and 2 charging ports per pack
  4. Dimension: 31.5cm L x 13.3cm W x 5.7cm H

The "S" notation on the battery sticker indicates samsung cells. 

If your battery is not charging due to low voltage or not having charged in a long time,  you might want to try a few diagnostic steps below before swapping out brand new batteries.

Step 1:

Try waking up the battery by unplugging and plugging in the battery connectors.

Step 2:

Try to use a charger of higher voltage to charge the battery for a short period of time.