ZERO VSETT 52V 4A Fast Charger

$88.00 SGD

ZERO VSETT 52V 4A Fast Charger

*For export purposes only. Not available for Singapore use

4A 52V Fast Charger with fuse.
Input: Accepts both 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 3A/6A (universal)
Output: 58.8V 4A

Suitable for use on ZERO 8X, ZERO 10X and ZERO 10 52V e-scooter models. Charge time is 5 hours for a 52V 18Ah battery

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Warning! Use the fast charger only when needed. Overuse of the fast charger will result in shortening of the battery lifespan. 

Here is how to use the fast charger:


*Not approved for use in Singapore. No spring safety mark.