VSETT10+ Battery 60V 21Ah 25Ah 28Ah

VSETT10+ Battery 60V 21Ah 25Ah 28Ah

$599.00 SGD

VSETT10+ Battery 60V 21Ah 28Ah

VSETT 10+ Battery with 80A BMS suitable to run on 30-35A dual controllers

VSETT 10+ 60V 21Ah battery uses China grade A cells.

VSETT 10+ 60V 28Ah battery uses LG MJ1 cells.

Dimension 320mm L x 155mm W x 70mm H

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2 XT90 discharge ports for dual controllers; 2 XT30 charging ports for M16/GX16 connections, every discharge port comes with a 50A fuse. 


  1. Does not come with foam pads
  2. Does not come with 60V charger; sold separately