Venom Battery for Venom 2/2+ E-Bike Battery 36V 6AH 10AH

$299.00 SGD

VENOM Battery for Venom 2/2+ E-Bike 36V Battery

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This is the Venom 2/2+ Electric Bicycle detachable battery This is a 6AH and 10AH samsung 35E detachable battery which is compatible with the Venom 2/2+ E-Bike.

The range of the 6Ah battery is approx 25km and the range of the 10Ah battery is approx 40-50km. 

Comes with 2 keys and both batteries are interchangeable. 

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Easy to install and slides into the stem. Able to charge separately from E Bike unit. Plug and Play into any Venom 2 or 2+ ebike. 

6 months limited warranty