Ullmax Battery 48V 10Ah 19Ah Detachable Battery

$299.00 SGD

E-MTB Ullmax Battery 48V 7Ah 10Ah 19Ah Detachable Spare Battery

48V 7.5Ah/10.5Ah spare battery for the UllMAX Electric Mountain Bike with 6 months warranty*.

Also available the Ullmax Delivery E-Bike 48V 19.2Ah Battery

Comes with 6 months warranty

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Ullmax Electric Bike spare detachable battery. Can be used as a spare for riders who want to go the distance. Easy to install and remove. 

This is a China 48V 7.5AH detachable battery which is compatible with the Ullmax E-Bike. Able to give an extra 30km in distance or roughly 3-4 hours of ride time. 

The 10Ah LG Ullmax battery will give between 4-5 hours of ride time or roughly 40-50 km in range.

It is easy to install and slides into the stem.

6 months warranty with T&Cs.