Dual Crown Suspension Fork Fiido

$220.00 SGD

Dual Crown Twin Fork Suspension for Fiido

Forget your stock Fiido suspension! Does it always bottom out too easily?

Now, we have the dual crown twin fork suspension for Fiido e-scooter or any other 12-14 inch tire ebike and e-scooter for larger suspension travel and more stability.

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The dual crown suspension fork provides unparalleled stability and damping with a longer suspension travel than the stock fork. Specially designed to house a front motor, the double crown fork also gives a more modern sporty look to your modified Fiido! 


The downside is that it is heavier than the stock suspension at 3.8kg and will increase turning radius as the turn angle of the fork will decrease. 


  • Inverted fork
  • Head tube diameter 28.6mm
  • Suspension shaft 26mm
  • Suspension top tube 35mm
  • Head tube length is 250mm
  • Suitable for 12-14 inch tires and up to 3.5inch wide
  • Weight 4.2kg
  • Material Aluminium Alloy and steel


For 110mm, if you plan to install a wheel instead of a motor, you will need this axle shaft set for your front wheel. If you are installing a front motor, then it should fit nicely.


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