Travelscoot Variable Speed Control

Travelscoot Variable Speed Control

$115.00 SGD

Travelscoot Speed Control Package

3 speed variable control that allows you to adjust the speed down to 3kmh from 10kmh. Ideal for use in crowded places like shopping malls where you will need to match your riding speed to walking speed. 

Walking speed is between 2-3kmh and jogging speed is between 6-8kmh. This option gives you the freedom to drive alongside your friends or family whether you are walking in a mall or jogging outdoors. 

Works for older models of Travelscoot too. 

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Speed Control Levels:

Speed Levels 3
Speed 1 2-3kmh
Speed 2 5kmh
Speed 3 Default Speed of Travelscoot


Here is how variable speed control works without adding too many other controls: