Thermal Bag Delivery Bag Alarm System

Thermal Bag Delivery Bag Alarm System

$59.00 SGD

Thermal Delivery Bag Alarm System

Most delivery e-bikes have a motion sensor activated alarm but it does not protect their valuable cargo from being stolen. 

This Delivery Bag Alarm detects any unwanted opening in your delivery bag and activates a 125dB alarm loud enough to drive away any potential intruder.

Suitable for all MFC Bags.

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This delivery bag alarm system will activate a super loud horn when it senses any unwanted intrusion into your precious thermal bag. But fret not, you will be able to deactivate it when you need to access it with a remote key. 


  • Super loud horn
  • 12V 9Ah battery that can be used for other auxiliary applications
  • Remote key fob to arm/disarm alarm
  • Sensor switch to detect opening of bag
  • Installation of all the above

How it works: