Oil Slick Hydraulic Brakes for E-Bikes

$175.00 SGD

Tanke Oil Slick Hydraulic Brakes for E-Bikes

Beautiful workhorse affordable 4 piston hydraulic brakes for the e-bike road warriors. A good alternative to Magura MT5e without the price tag.

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E-Bike Fitting

This oil slick Tanke 4 pot will fit most ebikes as long as they are fitted with the rear left front left brake configuration which is the most common. 

E-Scooter Fitting

For e-scooter fitment, you will need an adapter if your e-scooter is a ZERO 10X or VSETT 10+ as they are fitted with a front right, rear right configuration like below. You will require a 160mm disc rotor to have 100% bite. 

Rear Fitting:

Front Fitting:


Front hose length is 100cm; rear hose length is 210cm. 

1 set comes with both front and rear brake calipers and levers and pre-bled hose for easy installation.

Electric brake wire comes with a waterproof sealed Higo connector. 

1 set: Front and rear brake caliper and lever (left sided)

Front hose length: 1m

Rear hose length: 2.1m

Rotors: Disc Rotors 160mm are not included but can be bought for cheap here

Brake Pads: JA02 Shimano brake pads