PMA(Mobility) Scooter Rental Singapore

$45.00 SGD

Rental of PMA Mobility Scooter

Whether you are in Singapore for a short hop around town, or here on business or conference, the Travelscoot electric mobility scooter is available in the city of Singapore for rental.

Rental fee is $45 per day, with a minimum rental period of 2 days. To book a rental, please fill out the rental application form here.

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Perfect for Travelling around the City

The travelscoot has the smallest footprint and the lightest weight amongst all our mobility scooters. 

It stores nicely into a large sized suitcase or the tiniest Airbnb or hotel room. For apartment owners, the Travelscoot does not take up much floor space at all. 

Its small footprint helps riders to navigate easily crowded walkways and busy streets. 

Pre-rental Check and Inspection

All our e-scooters undergo a thorough check before renting out including battery charge and discharge check. 

Pickup and drop off location are at our main showroom at 2 Alexandra Road 05-02 Delta House, Singapore 159919. We also provide drop-off and pickup services to hotels and apartments for $45 inclusive.

A deposit of $350 is required up front. The deposit will be refunded when the rental unit is returned in its original working condition.

Scooter Model
Motor Power 250W
Usage Urban areas, pedestrian sidewalks and PCNs only
Security Deposit $350 SGD
Accessories included Bell, 7Ah Battery, Charger
Not included but available for rent
  1. Headlights + Rear Lights set ($3 sgd/day)
  2. Extra battery ($18 sgd/day)
  3. 5kmh Speed limiter ($5 sgd/day)
  4. Horn ($2 sgd/day)
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