Remote Control Universal Speed Limiter for ZERO VSETT Inokim Kaboo

$75.00 SGD

Universal RC Speed Limiter for E-Scooters and E-Bikes VSETT ZERO Inokim Kaboo

For export only. 

This remote control (RF) device is to ensure your child especially child or teenage riders go at a safe speed of 24kmh and/or the legal speed limit in compliance with the law of your country. 

Option to be paired with an immobilizer to turn on and off your e-scooter remotely with the same remote. 

Speed limiter available for all models of ZERO 8, 9, 10X, 11X, VSETT 8, 9, 10/10+, 11 and Inokim OX/OXO.


  1. RF receiver with connector
  2. Transmitter key fob
  3. DC Step down converter
  4. Any wire harness and connectors required

How to install:

  1. Plug and play; easy to install, only takes 5 minutes 
  2. Black connector shall be connected to the 12 DC converter for the input voltage
  3. The 2 black wires shall be connected to the ground (black) wire coming from the throttle to the controller and the other black wire shall be connected to the throttle input signal wire
  4. Works for ZERO, VSETT and INOKIM scooters ONLY. If required for other scooter models like Speedway, Kaboo or Dualtron or others, please select the CUSTOM option, take a picture of your throttle and drop it in the drop box. 

Installation Video for ZERO Scooters:

Installation Video for VSETT11+ VSETT 10+ or VSETT9:

For Inokim OX/OXO, here is how the speed limiter would work and how to install it:


This device is ONLY to be used by parents to safeguard and/or child-proof their e-scooters and/or e-bikes against dangerous use by their children. This device shall not be used illegally to evade local laws and regulations. We strongly recommend all e-scooter users to comply to local laws and regulations.

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