Travelscoot Battery 24V 18Ah 420Wh Refurbished

Travelscoot Battery 24V 18Ah 420Wh Refurbished

$550.00 SGD

Travelscoot Battery 420Wh Refurbished Ultra Large Capacity

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Lightweight 2,3 Kg battery sized 30 x 10,5 x 4,7 cm. This is for an older model Travelscoot with the old connectors. This battery is a refurbished Travelscoot battery with LG 3500mAh cells.

Comes with 1 year warranty. Not suitable for airline travel. 

This size is not for air traveling allowed due to the power rating of > 300 Wh (use the smaller 252Wh lithium batteries for this purpose). Range with this battery is up to 30km or 20 miles.

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Here is an example of our refurbished battery pack:


Type of Cells 100% 3500mAh LG cells (brand new)
25.2V 7S5P
Rated Capacity 17.5Ah (420Wh)
Maximum Capacity 17.5Ah
Range 30-40km (depending on rider weight)
Connector 2 pin black housing connector
Waterproof casing Sabic C6600 housing
  • High impact resistant
  • UL 94-5vb flame rating
  • Bromine and Chlorine free



1 year