Rain Booties Shoes for Kids and Adults

$7.90 SGD

Rain Booties Shoes for Kids and Adults

Easy slip on and off clear grippy sole booties to keep your shoes dry and clean during wet weather season! Grippy soles makes for easy walking or riding during slippery wet weather too.

Perfect for scooter and bike riders too!

During dry periods, storage is easy as it is made of flexible silicone material that can be easily stored in your bag.

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  1. Waterproof zipper
  2. Grippy soles
  3. Flexible silicone material for easy folding and storage
  4. Durable

Comes in low cut and high cut ankle lengths.

Sizing in description. 

Shoe Length UK US
21.5-24cm Up to 6 Up to 6.5
M 24-28cm 6.5-10 7-10.5
L 29-33cm 11-13 11-13.5