Motorcycle E-Bike Roadcam DVR Camera Recorder Kit

$299.00 SGD

Motorcycle E-Bike E-Scooter Roadcam DVR Camera Recorder Kit 

Our Roadcam DVR improves safety and reduces liability of the motorcycle/ebike/escooter rider in the event of any accidents. 

Our roadcam has GPS connectivity when turned on so it is able to give exact location details for your entire trip, allowing you to trace location in any situation. 

With an IP65 rating for both the LCD screen and cameras, this roadcam can take a beating in the rain. 

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Heres an brief unboxing of the DVR roadcam:


  1. 1080P High res dual camera
  2. 4 inch Touch screen LCD
  3. GPS enabled
  4. Motion sensor activation that allows recording upon impact detection
  5. Configurable display that allows dual front and rear views
  6. "KYCAM2" App that connects to roadcam for instant playback
  7. Remote controller that can activate or deactivate camera
  8. Inbuilt microphone
  9. 256GB SD memory card (optional)


  1. Front camera
  2. Rear camera
  3. 4 inch LCD touchscreen
  4. USB Charging cable
  5. Camera Extension Cables
  6. GPS Module
  7. Remote Controller
  8. LCD Clamp Mount
  9. Installation charges
Not Included:
  1. Power bank (recommended 20,000mah)
  2. 256GB SD memory card

Product Specifications:

Resolution 1080P
Waterproofing IP67
Parking Monitor Yes
Automatic Recording Yes