Minimotors Tempo V3 Seated E-Scooter Sold Out

Minimotors Tempo V3 Seated E-Scooter

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Minimotors Tempo V3

Ever wanted a UL2272 certified high performance seated e-scooter? Look no further! 

The MINIMOTORS Tempo V3 is the highest specced UL2272 certified scooter in the market. Boasting a 48v, 10.4 Ah battery, the Tempo V3 can travel up to 35 kilometers on a full charge. This powerful ensemble can tackle slopes with ease.  

Additionally, the Tempo V3 comes with a plush, high density foam seat which makes for a comfortable riding experience.

Featuring premium parts such as, in-built Key ignition, Front and Rear Suspension, Dual brakes, sturdy Kickstand.

UL2272 Tempo Key Ignition

A sleek digital display voltmeter indicates the battery life with an integrated key lock for security.

UL2272 Tempo Front & Rear Suspension

Dual front and rear suspensions for smooth riding.

UL2272 Tempo Front & Rear disc brake

Reliable disc brake on both the front and rear.

UL2272 Tempo Kickstand

Sturdy Kickstand for improved stability.
Here's a head to head comparison between the UL2272 DYU and UL2272 Tempo V3:


Version UL2272 Certified
Net Weight 18kg
Max load 120kg
Max Speed 25 km/h
Motor Power 48V 250W
Mileage 30 -35 km
Max Uphill climb 20 deg
Tire Size
High grade CST 12 inches pneumatic
Front & Rear Disc Brake
Suspension Front & Rear Twin Suspension
Battery Capacity 10.4 Ah
Dimension (unfolded)
105 x 50 x 100 cm
Dimension (folded)

105 x 50 x 70 cm (Seat at lowest)


6 months limited