Magura MT5e Hydraulic Brake (For E-bikes and E-Scooters)

$180.00 SGD

Magura MT5e Hydraulic Brakes for E-Bikes and E-Scooters

Presenting the Magura electric hydraulic brakes from Germany for E-Bikes and E-Scooters.

Choose between the MT4e and MT5e brake sets depending on how much braking power you need. 

Mt4e is a single piston brake caliper and MT5e has a dual piston brake caliper. We recommend the MT4e be used for speeds 50kmh and below and for anything above, MT5e is the recommended brake system. 

Prices quoted are for one side only and without installation. Installation is an additional $75. 

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Magura MT4e installed on a Fiido e-scooter:

How to install the Magura MT5e on the ZERO 10X with a special adapter:



Price includes a set of 2 Magura MT4e/MT5e brake and lever set, a pre-bleed 2200mm brake lever hose, 2-pin Higo connector.

The configuration for ZERO 10X and 11X includes an additional rear adapter and 2 rotor spacers. So select that option if you have a ZERO type e-scooter configuration as shown in the video above. 

**Does not include installation charge of $75.

Technical Specifications:

Application Off-Road / Racing
Weight 250g
Material Carbotecture
Material Lever Aluminium
Material Caliper Aluminium
Brake Medium Royal Blood (Mineral)
Piston No.  MT4e (2-piston); MT5e (4-piston)
Reach Adjustment Yes
Flip-flop Yes
Lever blade 4-finger ball end
E-Bike Switch Yes
Excludes Rotors and special mounting adapters
Suitable For Dualtron; ZERO 10x (with adapter); ZERO 11X; Inokim OXO