LED Button Switch

$42.00 SGD

LED Button Switch

This is a beautiful aluminium casted switch with 2 LED buttons to turn on/off any lights, single/dual motor selection, eco/turbo drive selection etc.

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This waterproof rugged beautifully casted SPST (single pole single throw) multi-functional switch contains 3 functions:

1. 2 latch switches for turning on/off headlights

2. 6-12V LEDs

3. Beautiful aluminium casing

It has in-built LEDs that are activated when the led buttons are depressed.


This switch can be installed onto any 22mm/35.4mm handlebar mounting brackets provided.

Each button comes with 4 wires that can be installed to any 6-12V power source. The 4 wires are:

  1. Red - 12V
  2. Black - Ground
  3. Yellow - Latching signal for 1 button
  4. Green - Latching signal for 1 button

Suitable for ZERO 10X or 11X scooters. You will need a 12V power line to power the LEDs if you want the LED buttons to light up.