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JI-MOVE MC PRO PAB 2023 Most Popular E-Bike in SG

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Ji Move MC PRO 2023 is the most eagerly anticipated e-bike in Singapore. As a sequel to the Ji Move MC, a cult hero amongst Food delivery riders, the MC PRO offers more power, better range and generally a more comfortable ride with its 16x3" thick tires!

In this latest 2023 edition, not only do you retain the ultra long range that Ji MOVE is known for, you have the added comfort that the previous version was lacking. 

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LTA Approved EN15194 Certified 


Compact & High Performance Ebike

JI-MOVE MC PRO Ebike is the latest ebike model released in Year 2023. It is a compact and powerful electronic bicycle. Equipped with heavy duty aluminum 6061 frame, 16x3″ fat tyres, powerful hydrauic disc brakes on both front and back wheels, very powerful and detachable li-ion battery rated 48V-19.2Ah, this ebike is one of the top choices for both outdoor cyclist and daily commuting use.

Powerful Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Ji-Move MC PRO Ebike comes with powerful hydraulic disc brakes that provide more braking power as compared with mechanical brakes. They also rarely fail, making them reliable at high speeds and work better in wet and muddy conditions. The e-bike has 5 levels of electric assistance mode to choose from, depending on the riding condition. Mode 1-3 is for flat ground while mode 4-5 is for up slope.

Motocycle-Grade Fat Tires for Better Safety and Maneuverability

The JI-MOVE MC PRO Ebike comes with 16x3" pneumatic fat tyres. The wide and thick tires provide increased stability and traction, allowing riders to navigate various terrains with ease. This is particularly advantageous when riding on wet surfaces in rainy weather. 

Front and rear lights are also equipped for your ride in dark conditions. To turn the lights on, simply long press the plus (+) button on the electric controller.

European Standard, LTA Approved E-bike

The MC PRO Ebike in Singapore has high standard requirement and JI-MOVE MC PRO Ebike has passed EN15194:2017 standard - the latest European standard set for E-bikes.

MC PRO Ebike has also passed IPX4 water resistant standard so you can ride in light rain weather without concern.

On top of that, our MC PRO e-bike is fully comply with Singapore PAB (Power-assisted bicycles) regulations and it can be used on the roads and cycling paths, such as park connectors / shared paths.

All MC PRO e-bike purchased from us come up with FREE LTA Registration and number plate. A hassle-free process for you to own your dream ebike.

Detachable LG Li-ion Battery

The JI-MOVE MC-Pro power-assisted bicycle (PAB) adopts a detachable battery design, using premium battery cells. The battery on this model is located at the center and can be conveniently detached from the frame. 

The powerful 48V 19.2AH li-ion battery is able to assist the rider to travel up to 120km per full charge. You can extend the distance by having spare batteries or removing the battery to charge when resting.





ji move mc pro

Motor Power 36V 250W Brushless Geared Motor 48V 250W Brushless Geared Motor
Max Speed 25km/h limited by law 25km/h limited by law
Battery LG 36V 20.8AH detachable LG 48V 19.2AH detachable
Range Up to 120km Up to 120km
Charging Time 6 - 8 hours 8-10 hours
Safety Standard EN15194, LTA Registered Orange Seal, SG Safety Mark (Charger) EN15194:2017 standard LTA Registered Orange Seal, SG Safety Mark (Charger)
Weight 20 kg 19.8kg
Wheels 14x2.25″ pneumatic tyres from CST 16x3" pneumatic fat tyres
Brakes Mechanical brakes with 160mm disc rotors Hydraulic brakes with 160mm disc rotors
LCD Display Yes, with 5 speed adjustment tiers Yes, with 5 speed adjustment tiers
Foldable Stem and body foldable Handlebar Stem foldable
Front Light White LED Light White LED Light
Rear Light Red LED Light Red LED Light
Accessories Charger, Tools Charger, Tools
Warranty 6 months limited 6 months limited warranty