ZERO VSETT 60V 72V 52V Smart Fast Charger

$155.00 SGD

ZERO 10X Limited EVO VSETT Dualtron Inokim Intelligent Fast Charger

*For Export Only

Input Adjustable 100V-240V AC 50-60Hz

Output 67.2V 84V Adjustable 1-5A or i though1-10A

Features Adjustable

  • 4 Protection Features: 1. Voltage Limiting Protection 2. Current Limiting Protection 3. Short circuit protection 4. Reverse Polarity Protection
  • 80%-100% charge
  • 1-5A charge current; or 1-10A charge current
  • On/off switch
  • US plug
  • GX-16 charging connector female for 5A chargers; Powercon connectors (rated 20A) for the 10A chargers
  • Comes with US plug but will pair with adapter for other country standards


  1. Never leave the fast charger charging overnight
  2. Use 5A/10A only when needed; use normal 1-2A charging when fast charging is not needed
  3. The 10A charger uses a different type of connector as the usual GX-16 can only take up to 5A of charge. You will have to change the connector socket of your device to the powercon connector in order to use this charger. Both male and female side will be provided. 

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Charging Protection Features:

  1. Voltage Limiting Protection -- the charger output voltage does not exceed a set battery charge voltage
  2. Current Limiting Protection -- the charger output current does not exceed a set battery charge current
  3. Short circuit Protection -- any short circuit during charging due battery fault will be automatically recovered after the failure is removed 
  4. Reverse Polarity Protection -- any output wires if accidentally connected in reverse to the battery, the charger will cut off and deactivate. Charger will work normally when the failure is removed

Video that explains fast charger protection:


1. Charge time will be reduced 2x. Stock ZERO scooters normally have 1.5A to 2A chargers, so with 4-5A chargers, your charge time will be reduced by 2x.

2. Ability to charge to 80% below full voltage to increase lifespan of battery. Constantly charging to only 80% full charge will improve the lifespan of your battery by about 2x.

3. On/off switch is a safety mechanism to allow you to turn off your charger without constantly having to unplug the charger from the main socket.

4. LCD allows you to monitor your charge and your battery voltage. 


1. Fast charging at 5A constantly will cause your battery to degrade faster so our advice is to use it only when needed!

2. Charging to 80% will not maximize the full potential of your battery's capacity so you will have to make some sacrifices in terms of range.

Intro on how the ZERO fast charger works: