High Powered LED White Handlebar Mounted Headight

$28.00 SGD

High Powered Headlight 4-LED 7-LED 9-LED Handlebar Mounted Headlight

Handlebar mounted 4, 7 and 9 LED white headlights. IP65 waterproofing.

20W power output. 12-85V input. Can be used with our Limited 12V converter and relay and On/off Switch.

Not recommended to be used with stock 12V DC converter of ZERO 10X or 11X as the power rating is not sufficient to power this headlight. 

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Check out the brightness of this 4 LED headlight installed on our safety bundle:


  • 1x 12-85V DC Headlight (Wire Length: 50cm)
  • 2 wire connection (no connectors)
  • 1x Screws Set 
  • 1x Mounting Bracket for handlebar
  • Requires 12V-72V power source
  • IP65 waterproof