Fiido Battery High Performance Battery 60V 72V

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Fiido Battery 60V 72V External Battery

***For Export Only***

High performance Fiido battery for 60V and 72V drive systems. Able to handle discharge up to 150A. Standard pack of 72V 17Ah or 60V 21Ah able to be parallel connected to form a 72V 34Ah or 60V 42Ah battery pack with its own BMS in each pack.

Tactical battery bag and charger sold separately. Parallel wire harness included.

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How to parallel two Fiido battery packs with parallel wire harness provided:


Dimensions 21.5cm L x 17.3cm W x 9cm H
Type of Cell Molicel P42a
Total Capacity 72V 17Ah (or 17Ah x 2)
Max Discharge Current 120A continuous (150A surge)
Max Charge Current 5A
Charging Connectors GX19 charging port
Discharge Connectors Gold plated AMASS AS150 anti-spark
Charge and discharge wires 8 AWG


1. Battery pack

2. Wire harness 

3. Parallel wire harness (if ordering 34Ah packs)

4. Charging port cover