DNM Hydraulic Spring Coil

$75.00 SGD

The DNM DV-22 hydraulic spring coil suspension is ideal for all types of urban terrain specially made for the front swing arms of the ZERO 10X and ZERO 8X.  

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Lets swap out our old spring coil suspension and test out this new hydraulic shocks! Check out our tests below:

Here is a closer side by side comparison of Spring suspension vs hydraulic shock suspension. Both are DNM shocks but see the difference between a spring suspension and a hydraulic shock below.

The air shock behaves similarly to hydraulic shocks with more damping but slower rebound.

Hydraulic/air shocks have lower resonance peak over bumps giving the rider less body stress. When resonance is high and stays high like on the spring suspension, the body absorbs that and over a period of time, the body will feel the stress. 

In the video above, you observe the spring suspension rebounds very abruptly, this creates high resonance and stress on the rider (blue curve). Our goal with hydraulic shocks is to lower the damping coefficient to try to get it as close to the red curve as possible. 


 REAR SHOCK Measurement as follows.

  • Eyelet diameter (B1&B2): 6 mm, 8 mm
  • Eyelet Width (C1&C2): 22-50mm
 Model DNM DV 22
Length 135mm (eye to eye)
Eyelet diameter
Eyelet width
Oil Damping with floating piston
Damper shaft
T6 forged AL6061 spring stopper, top eyelet and body.
Riding style
Not for XC/Trail, Urban bumps
Suitable For ZERO 10X Front, ZERO 8X Front