Conversion Kit for 10inch 11inch Motor

$65.00 SGD

10 inch 11 inch Motor Conversion Kit

Conversion kit for ZERO 10X to fit our 11 inch high speed motor. This involves brass spacers and a dowel to expand both the suspension shaft and also the swingarms. 

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2 sets of Swingarm shaft and Suspension Shaft with spacers (front and rear) to add 11 inch motors to the ZERO 10X e-scooter. 

The spacers are for spreading out the swingarms on the ZERO 10X so that it will fit 11 inch motors. 

Sold as a set, cannot be sold separately. Do note that your original ZERO 10X fenders will not fit anymore once you install the 11 inch motors. 

The video below though for showing how to change suspension, also shows how the swingarm shaft and suspension shaft can be removed: