Why Buy an Original Certified E-Scooter

Why Buy an Original Certified E-Scooter

Difference between Genuine E-Scooters and Counterfeits

Due to the rise in popularity of the MyWay e-scooter, blatant copycats of the MyWays (now Inokim) have inevitably sprung up.

That is the reality hardware developers these days have to face. Inventors take immense risks, spend a fortune and a lifetime to perfect an electric scooter and within 1 year of launch, copycats with inferior build quality and manufacturing processes replicate their work within a short period of time.

Copycat manufacturers may be able to copy the look and feel of the product, but rarely can they replicate the quality and the test of time as their main purpose is to ride on the coat tails of the established brand and sell their products as the cheaper alternative.

If you know the story behind the storied MyWay, it has been a tried and tested product for the past 5 years, undergoing intensive development and tests in the harshest and most rugged conditions. 

At the end of the intensive development period, it was sent to a TUV Rheinland Lab for independent testing and MyWay eventually obtained its CE certification from TUV. In between, the inventor will have gone through heaps of hurdles just to get to the point of production. Every inch of design of the MyWay will have been iteratively reconsidered and redesigned (at least a few hundred times) by the time it reaches the hands of the customer.

Every first page of the MyWay User Guide has this stamp of quality and reliability and this stamp is what customers should be looking out for.

MyWay CE Certification

Original MyWay CE Certification

The copycat products on the market will likely not have gone through the same level of rigorous testing and certification trials that the MyWay has been put through.

The truth is copycat riders have gotten seriously injured as evidenced in many scooter forums. The stems of these copycats have literally separated from the deck and frame at will, causing serious injuries to their riders. Please see an extract of a post by a Shengte user below:

Shengte Speedway Serious Defects and Quality Issues

Quality issues of the Shengte Speedway

Our advice is to treat these budget replicas which claim to “perform” better than the original with good amount of scepticism.

Anyone can fit a V8 engine in a Chery but it doesn’t mean it will perform better than a well-tuned BMW (sorry to Chery owners, no offence meant). 

Otherwise, choose wisely and ride safe!

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