The Future of Electric Mobility for the Elderly

Now, your traditional elderly mobility scooter looks like this below:

Popular compact electric mobility scooter

Popular compact electric mobility scooter

When it folds, it breaks apart (not without hassle) into 3-4 easily portable parts, but then you will encounter the hassle of having to put them back together again at your destination.

Of course, gradually, portability has improved in the form of more compact and foldable mobility scooters:

Portable and Foldable Mobility Scooter

And this has been amazing for the folks who travel alot as they can easily check it in with their luggage wherever they go! They are lightweight (typically 23kg vs. a 30-35kg traditional mobility scooter), easily foldable without breaking apart and trolley-able.

However, the design of such lightweight foldable mobility vehicles have not radically evolved, much less revolutionized the look and feel of the traditional mobility scooter. You still have the typical shape and the seat is more or less the same as the probably the first mobility scooter 20 years ago (or more!).

Well, thats all about to change. Falcon PEV is about to launch a new and radically different kind of electric mobility scooter called the MUVe. At 15-17kg, it can be considered the most lightweight mobility scooter in the market — in the category of ultra-lighweight electric mobility scooters. Rear-wheel driven with 3 wheels, its wheel configuration of 2 front wheels and 1 rear driven wheel AND front tilt suspension gives it the maneuverability of a 3 wheel mobility scooter but the stability of a 4-wheeled scooter. The front tilt suspension allows the front wheels to tilt in the direction of the turn, providing more stability and comfort to the rider.

MUVE. Ultra-lightweight, foldable, portable 3-Wheeler

MUVE. Ultra-lightweight, foldable, portable 3-Wheeler

MUVE. The latest Electric mobility Scooter.

MUVE. The latest Electric mobility Scooter.

Check out the MUVE’s dimensions below. With those dimensions, it is comparable to the smallest mobility scooter. The MUVe’s length is slightly longer than the most compact mobility scooter at 1.1m (vs 1.03m) but the width of the front wheel base is slightly longer  at 48cm (vs. 44cm). But compared to the traditional mobility scooter, the MUVE is a great balance between stability and portability.

When it folds up, its a 3-second fold, unlike the 20 seconds it takes to break apart its traditional counterparts! And completely trolley-able with a nice handle grip for trolley-ing. The larger 12 inch front wheels also make traversing potholes or gaps in the roads much easier. The traditional portable mobility scooters normally sacrifice wheel size and wheel base for foldability which leads to ride comfort and safety issues like the wheels being stuck in train platform gaps or potholes on the roads.

All said, the MUVE is a radical departure from how we think mobility scooters should be. If nothing else, its design appeals to all demographic from the young to the elderly. We don’t think you will find a young man wanting to give his grandpa’s mobility scooter a go! But you will have a hard time taking away the MUVE from the same young man.

The MUVE will be out October 2015. Preorder now available at Falcon PEV.

MUVEScooter2 MUVEScooterDimensions

Check out the amazing MUVE promo video here.

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