The All New GoBoard in Singapore

GoBoard Kick Scooters Singapore

Presenting the All New Electric Kick Scooter — the GoBoard. Now available in Singapore. Check out

The All New improved GoBoard, a much improved version of the pioneer and mother of all electric kick scooters — the Roth Motorboard. The GoBoard has the same easy 3-second folding mechanism as Roth’s Go Motorboard, with the same retro looking wooden deck and sports grip tape, but whats under the hood (which is really the more important stuff) has all been changed out. The 350W 36V Li-Ion battery may remain the same, but the new hub motors, the front and rear braking discs and 8 inch pneumatic tires have replaced the small plastic orange tires that used to be on the Roth Motorboard, which was much lighter at approximately 8-9 kg but the ride and reliability was horrible. This could be part of the reason that led to the demise of the original Roth GoBoard.

The All New GoBoard has done away with the chain drive and plastic tires. The 8 inch pneumatic tires give the board a much smoother ride but still lags behind the 10 inch ride of the Myway. As such, the shock absorbers that existed on the original Roth has been made redundant.

The New GoBoard is available for preorders at Falcon PEV ( Scootz and Mobility Board in Singapore sell a similar model of the GoBoard but they are all derived from the same Roth Motorboard mother design.


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