Scootz S350UL Review

We at sgscooters test rode the Scootz S350 UL, Scootz’s very own electric mobility scooter for about a week. This is a borrowed unit from a friend who bought a brand new set from them a couple of months back. We gave it a go around our neighbourhood in Bedok, went from home to the MRT, home to the supermarket etc and we must say the experience is pretty good. It gets the job done with its small 350W chain-drive motor.

On sustained uphill climbs for more than 20 seconds, the motor slows to a cut-off. However, on flat terrain, the thrill of being pushed around by a small motor set on 8 inch pneumatic tires is palpable. It is pure, wind-in-the-hair, now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t kind of fun. Maneuverability was great with this scooter. The folding mechanism was easy to handle and use too. We have been studying different folding mechanisms from the GoPeds, to the Myway and more recently, the JACK, and we conclude the Scootz version is on part in terms of ease of use with their more expensive European counterparts. Folding mechanisms are important and after all, it is Dahon’s folding/clamping technology that made it such a hit with the consumers.

The one big concern of this bike are the brakes. It only has a single rear-wheel clamp brake system which means stopping after a downhill drift isn’t the quickest. On the same downhill ride, the stopping distance on a full brake easily stretched to approx 10m upon applying the brakes. This could be a safety issue and it is something we think Scootz has to look at for their next iteration of this S350 electric scooter.

At S$900, I will say this is a good buy. It falls short on a couple of items which can be quite critical. The ride is great with great folding system and mechanism. However, the motor/controller shuts down pretty quickly on short sustained uphill climbs. The brakes are something that has to be looked at immediately since if it is to be treated as a serious vehicle, safety factors have to be the most critical aspect of its design.


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