iWheel4Fun Brings Together Runners and Scooters!

What happens when a gathering of tens of thousands of runners, and e-scooter enthusiasts come together? The atmosphere becomes ELECTRIC. And thats precisely what iWheel4fun is all about. The largest e-bike and e-scooter show in town took their activities on the road at the Sundown Night Festival, part of the Sundown marathon festivities.

In partnership with WWF (World Wildlife Fund, in case there was any doubt), iWheel4Fun showcased a LED light up of electric scooters and paraded the streets with WWF’s animal mascot. The mission was to create awareness for environmental and animal protection during Earth Hour.

iWheel4fun even had a fun filled obstacle challenge course with different types of ramps for the public to post their personal best on electric scooters. Every participant who posted a best timing won a goodie bag with T-shirts but ultimately it was bragging rights that everyone was going for.

View the photos below for the beautiful light up of this roadshow event with a mission:

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