E-TWOW — a proud China ultra-lightweight electric scooter

E-TWOW — a proud China ultra-lightweight electric scooter

Celebrating Original E-Scooters

Just in case you guys are wondering what we were referring to in our last post about Coolpeds’ copyright violations, here are some screenshots which we captured:


and this…


Oh wait, is the lady in the picture carrying a Coolpeds e-scooter? We think not. Check out the myway website (www.mywayi.com) and compare. ‘Nuff said.

Anyway, we love products that are proud to be made in China, like the E-TWOW ultralightweight kick scooter! Lighter (9.8kg), faster (22kmh) and having a further range (~20km) than the Coolpeds, it has a brushless hub motor which possibly gives it more torque (better for climbing hills), makes it quieter and overall, more ideal adult toy scooter than the Coolpeds in all weather conditions.

Coolpeds is probably driven by a belt drive which experienced kick scooter riders know has absolutely no torque on steep or slightly slippery slopes. The E-TWOW even comes in a range of colors.

Oh the best part, the E-TWOW’s marketing content seems to be all original! As of March 2014, the E-TWOW is available in Singapore at Falcon PEV.

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