Confessions of a Scooterholic

Confessions of a Scooterholic

Safe Riding Campaign for E-Scooter Riders

Welcome to Sgscooters’ safe riding campaign!

With new PMD and electric scooter regulations in place, SgScooters will be doing a blog series to promote safe and responsible riding of electric scooters.

Today we feature 20 year old Clifford who was an early adopter of electric scooters. He’s been using it as his main mode of transport since 2013. Heres how he got hooked.

I consider myself an e-scooter veteran being that when I first started riding e-scooters 3 years ago, I was literally the only one scooting around. It was and still a fun way to be a tourist in your own country, exploring the far reaches of the island without breaking a sweat.

My e-scooter addiction started from the introduction of the E-twow Electric Scooter into my life 3 years ago. Like many addictions, it was a gift from a friend who brought it back from China for me. At first I was very hesitant to try it out but I soon caved and I was HOOKED!

After a few rides on my first E-Scooter, I craved more. A quick search on Electric Scooters and I had decided on what my next ride was to be. Till today, I am still using the same scooter albeit with a few upgrades. My first love — the MYWAY otherwise known as the Inokim Quick 1.

Heres a shot of me and my scooter mob.


Me and my fellow Scooterholics

Fast forward three years, me and my scooter have been to almost every corner of this sunny island, from north to south and east to west. I even bring it to me to work. Ill do anything to avoid the bore of taking the MRT unless it rains or I run out of battery. As a last resort, Ill hail a cab or book an Uber if it rains too heavily.

At the same time, I joined a community of scooterholics and together we built our passion together through shared scooting stories and knowledge. Overtime, as I built up my knowledge, I began to help convert new scooterholics and to that effect, its been one of my proudest moment as a scooter daddy.

Check out one of our many round island scooter adventures:


Well, what else can I say…I am a scooterholic and will forever be one for as long as my legs allow. I have rode for 3 years and I haven’t had a major accident thankfully. I do see more and more riders these days riding dangerously and as someone who really cares about our scooter community, I really would like to end with a word of caution to them: Stay off the roads and give way to pedestrians!

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