Comparison of Best Electric Scooters on the Market

Comparison of Best Electric Scooters on the Market

Comparison of the Best E-Scooters on the Market 

***UPDATE: Many new models of electric scooters have been launched since this article was last written. Please view the latest version of the Top Electric Scooter Comparison***

Like a Top Gear challenge, let us put up the electric scooters in the Singapore market to a head to head challenge. Since we aren’t Top Gear Wild and unlike them, we do not have the luxury of personally test driving every single scooter, we can only do a comparison using their official specs and their customer reviews.

The challengers for this showdown are:

1. Goped’s Iped-2


2. The Myway Quick

Myway Quick Black and White

3. Scootz’s S350


4. The Egret One

Egret One

5. The Razor E300

razor E300

The criteria we judged them on are:
1. Battery performance
2. Sturdiness as measured by tires and handlebar width
3. Portability as measured by the folding dimensions and weight

In terms of battery life and performance, the Myway Quick just edges out the Egret One. With a continuous travelling range of 25km, the Myway just beats out the top range of 23km from the Egret. The Myway has a 9Ah 36V LiPoly battery as compared to the Egret’s 8Ah LiPoly batteries. In terms of weight, they are comparable at between 13-15kg. However, in terms of charge time, the Egret One has a much faster charge time as claimed of about 4 hrs and the Myway does a full charge in 6 hrs.

Here are the rest of the e-scooters and their corresponding battery performance:
Iped-2 Top Range = 16km, charge time 2.5 hrs
Scootz Top Range = 20-23km, charge time 4 hrs
Razor E300 Top Range = 24km but reviews on Amazon has claimed less; charge time 12 hrs

Next up, we judged each of them based on safety and sturdiness. The proxy measurement for safety is the size/type of tires and the handlebar width. The table below shows a comprehensive comparison of the dimensions of each of the electric scooters. In terms of handlebar width, the Egret One does provide a pretty good wingspan of 56 cm unfolded but the handlebar collapses and folds neatly into a compact 14 cm. We see that as the main advantage of the Egret One having the wide wingspan but that also means a slower folding time.

Iped-2 Myway Scootz Egret Razor E300
Battery 8Ah 9Ah ? 8Ah ?
Weight 13 15 13 15 20
Range 16 25 20 23 24
Top Speed 25 25 20 12, 20, 35 24
Charging Time 2.5 6 2 4 12
Tires 8 10 8 6 10
Length 86 110 87 97 104
Width 40 24 22 56 43
Height 112 114 108 117 107
Folded L 91 112 90 93 does not fold
Folded W 38 24 22 14 does not fold
Folded H 33 36 29 30 does not fold
drive chain hub motor chain hub motor chain
Frame stainless steel Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Stainless Steel
Max Payload 110 110 70 120 70

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