Our Guarantee

One Year Factory Warranty

Falcon PEV is the exclusive distributor and service center for major electric scooter brands like Inokim, E-TWOW, I-MAX, Stigo, EPIQUE EBikes, Ninebot etc. All our customers enjoy a 6-months to 1-year limited Factory Warranty on all electrical parts including the Li Ion battery subject to terms and conditions here. Be aware of cheaper low quality copycats which could pose a safety risk

Mobile and In-house Service Center

Falcon PEV maintains a team of highly trained technicians for both our in-house and mobile e-scooter repair and service centers. Book our service now

Electric Scooter Insurance

Customer safety is always the center of our focus. That is why we have worked with the largest insurance company NTUC Income to launch the most affordable electric scooter insurance plan for our riders. Purchase your personal mobility guard insurance with a 10% discount today!

Electric Scooter Trade In

Falcon PEV allows for e-scooter trade-ins and upgrades for brands like E-TWOW, Inokim, Speedway, GoBoard, Jackhot etc. Simply bring in your electric scooters for an assessment. Trade-in values will be dependent on the condition of your e-scooter. Find out more about our electric scooter trade-in.

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