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FALCON PEV presents to all riders a battery swapping service. This will enable riders to temporarily...

This immobilizer security system comes with an alarm and remote control system to turn on/off and...

This is an optional upgrade for ZERO 9, 10, 8X, 11X, ZERO 10X E-Scooter but standard on the ZERO...


Rear Turn Signal Lights

$60.00 SGD

E-Scooter Rear Turn Signal Lights  Get a rechargeable rear signal light for your bicycle or e-scooter!...


Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset

$89.00 SGD

Helmet Bluetooth Headset For full face helmet usage Features 1. Humanised design. Easy to operate; Multi-mode setting;...


Universal Tire Hugger

$69.00 SGD

Universal Tire Hugger Guard Our Ducati inspired adjustable tire hugger guard with mounting bracket and spacers allows you...

Sp Battery

ZERO Battery Storage Box

$65.00 SGD

Want to get more distance per charge from your ZERO 10X electric scooter? We now have an...



$115.00 SGD

GPS Tracker with Anti-Theft Alarm  In Stock Now. ***This is not just a gps beacon. It...


Zero Electric Scooters External Battery

$809.00 SGD $899.00 SGD

Double your range with our ZERO 8, 9, 10, 10X and 11X external battery options. Choose...

Spare Parts

Rugged Folding Clamp (For ZERO)

$65.00 SGD

ZERO 10X 8X 11X Rugged Folding Clamp Ultra thick folding clamp for the ZERO 8X, ZERO...

NOTE: Our honeycomb tires are custom made specific to ZERO and Inokim rim sizes. Other honeycomb tires...

Spare Parts

ZERO 10X 10 inch Tires

$20.00 SGD

10 inch Tires 10x3 and 10x2.5 inch Road tires suitable for ZERO 10, ZERO 10X models...


Xtasy Foldable Handlebar

$65.00 SGD

Foldable Rigid Xtasy handlebar for ZERO 10X, Inokim Is the shaky handlebar on your e-scooter bothering you?...


ZERO Seat Post

$95.00 SGD

ZERO Scooter Adjustable Seat ZERO Adjustable Seat Post with hydraulic suspension for all models 8, 9,...


Handlebar Turn Signal Lights

$8.00 SGD

Handlebar Turn Signal Lights  12V handlebar end turn signal lights that is used in our safety bundle....

Showing 1 - 16 of 21 results