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CST 12.5 X 2.25 inch tyre for DYU front and rear wheels with knobbly wheel thread for...

Spare Parts

12.5 inch Tire

$30.00 SGD

CST 12.5 X 2.25 inch tyre for DYU front and rear wheels Does not come with inner...

Spare Parts

12.5 x 2.25 inch CST Rhino Tire

$36.00 SGD

CST Rhino 12.5 inch Wide Tire For Fiido and DYU or similar 12 inch hub wheel...

12V Optocoupler Relay Module Versatile 12V relays for a variety of applications such as turning on/off...


12V Waterproof Battery Pack

$59.00 SGD

12V Battery Pack for Lights This Battery pack can be mounted onto any bicycle or e-scooter handlebar...

12V LED Latch Switch for E-Bike E-Scooter 12V-52V LED latch /lock switch E-Bike E-Scooter for any controller...

Spare Parts

140mm Brake Disc Rotor for DYU

$12.00 SGD

140mm Disc Rotor for DYU or FIIDO 140mm Disc Rotor for the DYU D1 or D2. ...

Spare Parts

14T Freewheel

$12.00 SGD

E-Bike 14T Freewheel

Magura Disc Brake Rotor 6-hole hub Magura disc rotor for Magura MT4/MT5e hydraulic brakes.  Comes with 6...

Spare Parts

160mm 180mm Nutt Disc Brake Rotor

$15.00 SGD

160 180mm Brake Disc Rotor NUTT Suitable for all ZERO 10X, 11X model e-scooters and ebikes....


1Touch Biometric Fingerprint Lock

$95.00 SGD

1Touch Fingerprint Biometric Lock  The 1Touch is a Biometric Lock for your Electric Scooter - added...

Electric Bike

2022 Rogi Max Plus 20 inch E-Bike PAB 21Ah

$1,850.00 SGD

2022 Rogi Max Plus E-Bike PAB Cash Financing Starting from $56/month Available for 6,12, and 18...

Sp Battery

21700 Lishen Cells

$5.50 SGD

21700 Lishen Li-Ion Cells High capacity 21700 Lithium Ion Lishen battery cells used for Li Ion Battery...

Inokim Light 1/2 36V 10Ah Battery Original Inokim Light Battery packs with Samsung/LG Li-Ion cells. Capacity...

Sold Out

48V E-Bike LCD

$75.00 SGD

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