Smart Bluetooth Battery BMS

$85.00 SGD

Bluetooth Enabled BMS for Li-Ion Batteries


13 series 48V (54.6v) Li-Ion battery pack with 30A constant discharge current and charging current

Size: 108*65*8mm

Protection Features:

1. High quality IC chip specially for lithium battery protection purpose.

2. High detection precision on over-charge, over-discharge, voltage balancing and with wire disconnection functions. Three layers of over-discharge and over-current detections and delay times in detection process. 

3. Comes with mobile phone operation software system to manage the detecting the battery working status and some parameters setting . Also the PCB board can interface with the PC operation and Parameters setting on the computer.

4. This BMS will include one Bluetooth module for Android system only (version 4.3 and Above) with wire and connector for the Battery and Software system.

Price does not include installation.