Rion Special Edition E-Scooter

$4,500.00 SGD
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*Only one display unit available

Enter The Rion Den

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, the Rion is the World's First High-Performance Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter. 

the rion is the most powerful escooter in the world


RION breaks new ground by bringing technological breakthroughs to the vast world of personal electric vehicles. 

This limited edition e-scooter delivers unparalleled performance that gives you a one-of-a-kind ride.

Strong, faster, lighter and better. The vital components of performance riding are all perfectly fused and balanced into one seamless experience.

Packed with a 5000W motor, the Rion has more power than 10 Inokim Quick 3s put together.


Rion light powerful and fast escooter


Unlike other high performance escooters, the Rion weights a mere 18kg, and is within the weight limit set by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore.



Weight 18kg
Motor 2500 RPM; Peak Power 5000W Planetary Geared Brushless Hub Motor Made in Germany
Battery 80V 16Ah Li Ion Battery with Smart Bluetooth BMS Assembled in Israel
BLDC Motor Controller provides adjustable power efficiency levels
Carbon Fiber Chassis. 35mm Carbon Fiber Stem; Easton EC70 Carbon fiber Handlebar; 6016 Aluminium Alloy sub frame made in Israel
Brakes Shimano XT M8000 Hydraulic Front and Rear

PMT Racing Slick Tires from Italy. Rear: 150/50 R 6.5
Front: 90/65 R 6.5

Dimensions (unfolded) 125 cm L x 120 cm H x 68 cm W
Warranty 1 Year limited warranty