Pre-owned JACK E-Scooter

$3,200.00 SGD $1,500.00 SGD

LTA Compliant Badge

Our certified pre-owned JACK come with a 6 month limited warranty from the official distributor.

JACK Electric Scooter

Introducing JACK, the latest and most luxurious scooter to join the FALCON PEV arsenal. JACK is the product of Dutch ingenuity, its design is sleek and elegant, the very embodiment of modern beauty and practicality. JACK’s 6.5 inch wheels and 92cm wheel base guarantee a comfortable ride, and the adjustable handlebar allows for an ergonomic riding position for everyone. It has a strong and lightweight alloy frame, allowing for maximum portability. JACK fits nicely into the back of the car and can be charged through the accessory outlet. This means it is always ready for action.



JACK is capable of traveling medium to long distances (20km) on one charge of its lithium ion battery and can carry a load of up to 115kg. It is capable of traveling at a speed of 25km/h at the simple press of a button, and has an incredibly strong motor enabling it to tackle high hills (25 degrees). Allowing it to compete with the top of the line high-end electronic scooters. Also, equipped with a state of the art Panasonic Battery, the JACK will have a very long lifespan.

 Safety & Ride Comfort

Other scooters have plastic wheels which compromises safety and comfort, as as they do not handle bumps/terrain well and have poor traction on wet/slippery surfaces. JACK comes with 6.5 inch tires which allow for smooth riding and easy maneuvering, making your ride more comfortable and safe. JACK comes with two rear disc caliper brakes, ensuring that you are always in control while riding in luxury.

Portable/Foldable Design

JACK is among the heavier scooters here at Falcon PEV, weighing just under 20kg. Its compact design allows for it to be folded within seconds for easy storage or carrying around, and it fits snugly inside the back of a car.


Detailed Specifications:

Transmission: 350W motor
Battery: Certified Panasonic Lithium with one year guarantee
Weight: 20 kg
Top Speed: 25 km/h
Top Range: 20 km
Braking System: Two Rear disc brakes
Tires: 6.5 inch 92cm wheelbase
Accessories: Speedometer, Power card, Bell
Dimensions: When folded, LxWxH=100 x 30 x 40 cm, or 39.4 x 11.8 x 15,7 inch

The official JACK user guide can be downloaded here.