battery for dyu electric scooter 36v 17ah -5%

36V 17Ah Li-Ion Battery for DYU (up to 60km range)

$550.00 SGD$580.00 SGD

Battery for DYU

Long range PANASONIC 36V 17Ah Lithium Ion Battery for DYU. Able to travel up to 60km per charge. Fits internally into the DYU frame and can be installed seamlessly without any extra fittings. 

Able to be used for other 36V systems too. 

Price includes complimentary installation as installation is needed.

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Trade-in upgrades

If you have purchased a DYU scooter with a smaller battery from us less than a month ago (with proof of purchase), you can trade in your battery and upgrade it to 17Ah at the following prices:

  • LG 4.4Ah: pay $350
  • LG 10.4ah: pay $250