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LTA Approved EN15194 Certified 

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Service Package for Food Delivery Essential Workers

Ask about our one year service package for Food Delivery riders including Grab Food and Food panda and Deliveroo riders. Whatsapp us @ +65 8748 4565 or email us at sales@falconpev.com.sg.


Motor Power

36V 250W Brushless Motor

Max Speed



LG 36V 9.9AH detachable


Up To 70KM

Charging Time

3-4 hours

Safety Standard

EN15194, LTA Registered Orang Seal, SG Safety Mark (Charger)


19.7 kg


14” Pneumatic Sports Tyres

LCD Display

Yes, with 5 speed adjustment tiers


Handle Foldable

Front Light

White LED Light

Rear Light

Red LED LKight

LTA Approved for LC Ebike

We designed four models for Singapore. All of them have obtained EN15194 certificate. 

Why PAB?

There are many advantages of an e-bike (PAB) in Singapore. You can use a PAB on the roads and shared paths, such as cycling paths and park connectors. 

It's has a longer travel distance compare to PMD, our PAB can reach up to 150km on one charge. And you can still use your pedal power to get your bike going.

If you don't have an e-bike yet, now you will likely to want one. E-bikes are one of the fastest and safest transportation methods at the moment. They also offer you hours of fun and exercise.


It's 5th years from JI-MOVE's first production model, the innovative lightweight JI-MOVE M1. It set the core JI-MOVE values of stylish design, desirability, no-compromises approach, and pioneering spirit, which all JI-MOVE models exhibit to this day. 

All our models include One-Year Local Warranty: We stand behind our products with confidence!  

We are the manufacturer in China, and our mission is to create the world's best urban electric bikes.

High-quality components

Whichever version you’re choosing, all JI-MOVE electric bikes equipped with high-quality components.

We choose the lithium-ion battery cell from LG, and we select KMC as our chain supplier. Thanks to the detailed design and innovative solutions, all our e-bikes are easy to maintain and service.

Innovative & modern design

A passionate team of designers and engineers work in both Singapore and China to develop innovative and top quality electric bicycles. Every one of our e-bikes is designed entirely from scratch. Each frame has been tested on quality, stability, and handling. Additionally, the lightweight aluminum frame has internal reinforcements for increased rigidity and manoeuvrability – this results in quality e-bikes standing at the forefront of the market.

Competitive Price

To lower our cost and be competitive, we cut out the wholesaler, and we direct retail in Singapore.