INMOTION V10/V10F E-Unicycle

$1,799.00 SGD $1,500.00 SGD

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The 10 is the latest unicycle by inmotion. The inmotion 10 is twice as powerful as the V8, which by itself is already recognised as one of the best Electric Unicycle (EUC) in the market in terms of performance-to-price ratio.
The Inmotion V10 comes with 
Here is a quick comparison of the improvement of the V10 over the V8:
Range: 40% longer
Motor power: more than twice as powerful
Slope climbing angle increased by 5 degrees
Tyre thread: wider for stability
Foot pedals: wider and higher off the ground
Fold-up handle: easier to access
The Inmotion V10 also comes with these new features:
Dual processors for more robust performance
Slant angle protection
Powerful headlight
High ground clearance for foot pedals offer deep carves and reduced risks of scraping the ground.
An flip-up handle which is easier to access.
Customizable LED side lights to personalize your EUC.
Built-in blue tooth speakers
InMotion V8 is accompanied by an app which allows you to track your journeys, monitor battery life and motor performance of your electric unicycle. You can also easily share your riding experience with friends using an in-built social network.

Model V10 V10F
Dimension 528.5*421*623.5 mm 528.5*421*623.5 mm
Net Weight ~20kg ~20kg
Range ① ~70km (43.5 miles) 90-100km
Factory Default Speed 25km/h (15.5mph) 25km/h (15.5mph)
Payload 120kg (265lbs) 120kg (265lbs)
Max Slope ③ 30° 30°-40°
Charging Time ④ ~6h ~8h
Tire Size 16in * 2.5in 16in * 2.5in
Factory Default Tire Pressure 2.8 bar 2.8 bar
IP Ratings IP55 IP55
Distance between Footboard and Ground 172mm 172mm
Working Temperature 14~104 ℉ (-10~40 ℃) 14~104 ℉ (-10~40 ℃)
Motor Power 1800W 2000W
Battery Capacity 650Wh (8.8Ah) 960Wh
Input Voltage (Charger) AC 100~240V 50/60 Hz AC 100~240V 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage & Current (Charger) DC 84V * 1.5A DC 84V * 1.5A

① This is tested while riding under full power, 75kg load, 25°C, 15km/h average speed on the smooth pavement, riding habit, environment, temp, road condition, load and other factors will affect the ranges.

② The maximum cruising speed is measured at the 25 ℃, the payload of 75 kg, full electric voltage and flat pavement. The factors like driving habit, environmental temperature, road surface condition, payload etc. will affect the speed.

③ This slope was measured in the case when the load is 75kg.

④ Charging time varies with the ambient temperature and the battery capacity that may change in the course of time.