GoPed 750H Hoverboard E-Scooter

$1,995.00 SGD

Non LTA Compliant Scooter

The Lithium-ion powered ESR750H is offered with several battery configurations to choose from. All GoPed Lithium batteries are made and assembled in the USA.

It is among the fastest and most powerful electric scooters on the market, second only to the GoPed PPV. It has a top speed of 50KM/H and a top range of 32KM traveling distance on a full battery charge.

It has two speed options which can switch between with a simple button. Turbo mode gives you a top speed up to 50KM/H, while Eco mode gives you a top speed of 30KM/H. (Traveling Range will be longer when riding in Eco mode)

 Available GoPED ESR750 Hoverboard (Li-Ion) Models:

16 Amp Hour LIPO 15 km Turbo / 24 km Eco 18 kg

24 Amp Hour LIPO 21 km Turbo / 32.2 km Eco 20 kg
32 Amp Hour LIPO 25 km Turbo / 45 km Eco 22 kg


The Detailed Story of the ESR750 Hoverboard:

Battery configuration has a direct effect on the usable range and overall weight of the ESR750H. The ”ESR750H 16” uses two lithium battery packs, the “ESR750H 24Ah” use three lithium battery packs, and the “ESR750H 32Ah” use four lithium batteries for the maximum allowable user range that also creates the highest available range for an electric powered personal scooter in the world.

Helping to reduce dependency on foreign oil and global warming, with the power of clean electrical energy. The ESR750H is based on the highly regarded, time tested and award winning GoPed ESR750EX , but incorporating the amazing and innovative Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indespension (C.I.D.L.I.) suspension system that is also featured on our highly successful off road products such as the championship winning GoPed Trail Ripper, TRQ and GoPed Riot mini motorcycle.

The ESR750H Hoverboard® Li-Ion offers 2.7″ of suspension travel in the front and 3.5″ of suspension travel in the rear that is adjustable from “plush to firm” for customizing the perfect balance to suit rider preferences. Very effective and stylish front and rear fenders help protect both rider and Hoverboard® in the event in foul weather and the Mad Dog front disc brake with anti dive produces secure and reliable stopping power. Utilizing 3 major patents, this two wheeled marvel will quietly, efficiently and effortlessly propel riders of up to 250 lbs above the ground with the sensation as if they were magnetically levitating on a cloud. The degradation of urban streets, rough nature of country roads and everything in-between are practically un-noticeable as you float over them on this energy saving scooter.

As with all ESR 750 GoPed scooters it requires nothing more than the included charging cord and a power outlet anywhere in the world to recharge for less than $0.10, regardless of where you may find yourself. The Flux-Capacitor® throttle/energy monitor will give a full disclosure on your charge status taking the guesswork out of cross town trips.