GoBoard Pro E-Scooter

$1,350.00 SGD

This product is for sale to customer outside Singapore only. As it is not compliant to the UL2272 requirements in Singapore.

The Basic Road Warrior

The GoBoard Pro comes with the "works", a black aluminium deck, full front suspensions, LCD,  and foldable handlebars.

The Go-Board scooter is a re-invented version of the first portable motorised kick scooter – the Roth Motorboard, featuring a wooden deck to main the classic feel of the original. It is also available in a “Pro” model which features the same interior but redone with a sleek black aluminium exterior for those looking for a more polished version of the scooter.

The GoBoard weighs 13kg and features pneumatic tires which provide for a smoother ride and gives the rider a better ride comfort over longer distances. It is capable of traveling at a max speed of 35km/h and is able to travel up to 30km on a single battery charge. These features set it apart from other electric scooter brands like the Egret One, Patgear and other OEM scooters which are heavier (most at least 15kg), slower, have a lower battery capacity and are less pleasant to ride as they have hard rubber tires instead of Go-Board’s pneumatic tires.

The Go-Board has earned its name of the Basic Road Warrior as its pneumatic tyres and moderate motor strength enable it to tackle majority of terrains in Singapore’s urban jungle.

Individuals whom are looking for something in between the MyWay/INOKIM and ZoomAir2 may be satisfied with the Go-Board, while not as powerful as the MyWay/INOKIM - it is more powerful than the ZoomAir2 while being a little heavier.

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Detailed Specifications:

Transmission: 36V Hub motor with EABS Brake function and Push Start Function
Battery: 36V 10Ah Li-Po
Weight: 13kg
Charge time: 4hrs for full charge
Top Speed: Limited to 25 km/h
Top Range: 25 KM (9AH), 40 KM (15AH), 55 KM (20AH)
Braking System: Rear drum brakes, Front disc brakes
Tires: 8 inch pneumatic tires front and rear with front suspension

Digital Speedometer & Battery indicator (Pro)
Foldable handlebars are standard in all models.