Exway X1 Electric Skateboard

$999.00 SGD

The EXWAY X1 skateboard / longboard is a versatile electric skateboard that is suitable for both the daily commute and pleasure riding.

At 36 inches, it is considered short for a longboard, but probably intentionally so by the makers. A smaller size makes the board more practical for use in urban spaces.

Most electric skateboards / longboards in the market are nothing more than traditional wooden decks slapped onto single-wheel drive motors hastily bolted to the undersides of the decks.

The X1 is strikingly different in this aspect. It is clearly a very 'finished' and well thought-out product intended to be an electric skateboard through and through.

The first and most obvious clue is the composite deck made of synthetic materials rather than wood. This houses the battery and electronics safely inside the deck, giving the entire longboard reasonably well balance when carried. Other electric skateboards/longboards tend to be overly heavy on the one end where the battery pack and motor are installed.

The second mark of quality is the very well integrated hub motors that drive the rear wheels. The cables are artfully concealed within the custom truck, joining gracefully into the deck exposing no more than two inches of cable. The carefully positioned cables reduce the chances of damage from abrasion or being tugged unintentionally.

Overall, the X1 is virtually indistinguishable from a regular longboard which is an aesthetic win.


Intelligent on-board computer

the built-in onboard sensors compute for the smoothest and most powerful ride possible based on the riding conditions. A calibrated throttle response offers smooth acceleration. The electronics also include automated fault checks and the skateboard automatically brakes softly if it detects a problem in the system


Powerful motor

Power comes from two direct-drive, high-efficiency motors built into the hub of the rear wheels. This performs better than the belt-driven systems found on other electric scooters. The motors are sealed and protected to some extent against dust and water. The motors deliver an impressive maximum torque of 4.1 NM and can climb gradients as much as 30 degrees.

Intelligent Bluetooth Remote

The X1 comes with a very discreet and ergonomic handheld remote control. It pairs to the skateboard via bluetooth. A bright high contrast LED screen allows you to easily read the display even in bright sunlight. The remote offers four Speed Modes: Beginner、 Energy-saving、 Intermediate and Advanced.

Connected with App

More Intuitive Interaction
Real-time speed,battery & gear information display, Easy remote interface & vibration reminder can communicate with you.